Space Programming

Before beginning the Master Plan process it is essential that the client and the architect sit down and create a long range Building Program that describes the physical spaces the client will need in the coming years and then determine the actual areas these spaces require.  As your architect, we will produce a Space Utilization Program and Master Plan documents that you can effectively utilize in the years ahead.  Based on your long-term dreams it will probably require that the design of the Master Plan illustrate a two or possibly a three phase development.  Using our Master Program format we will tailor it to your expressed needs, and produce a programming document that describes how many square feet your facility will require and the approximate building cost per square foot, based on similar and recent construction, for the first phase of construction (area and cost) and future phases of construction (area only).

We will do a thorough analysis of the existing buildings from existing plans, including the appropriateness of the present utilization of the space, the pedestrian circulation paths within the building, and the vehicular approaches to the exterior.

We will take the Proposed Building Program and the Existing Building Analysis and create and develop realistic building shapes that have the proper size and relationships to each other, a respect for the site on which they are placed, proper interior and exterior pedestrian circulation pathways, and of course proper locations and number of cars (near planned entrances) to support the number of people using the facility. We will illustrate the first phase and subsequent phases on the Master Plan in the form of overall site drawings (to scale) that illustrate small-scale floor plans that show all major spaces and the interior circulation patterns and how the proposed buildings will physically connect to the existing buildings.  

We believe that going to this degree of detail in the Mater Planning phase is essential in determining the correct placement of future buildings and future parking.  Master Planning, done correctly, is a detailed process that produces a plan that realistically and as accurately as possible at that point in time, illustrates future growth.


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