Welcome to Payne Design Group, LLC

Passion - the one word that best describes our firm and our work ethic. We are passionate about creating quality architecture for you, and your community. Senior partner David H. Payne best describes our collective approach, “I wake up each day excited about the prospects of improving people’s lives through our designs. You know, God gives each of us a gift. For my partner Mark Lee and me, it’s about putting spaces together in logical and harmonious ways that will enhance a person’s worship, learning, or working experience. It’s very exciting working with our clients, because by really including them in the design process we are able to create a solution that perfectly meets their needs.”

In over 42 years, we have amassed a long list of successful projects, and while our primary focus has been educational, church, and office facilities, we believe ourselves to be “general practitioners” of architecture. By asking the right questions, and by listening closely to the answers, we transform your ideas into a reality. The most typical response? “That’s exactly what we envisioned!”

Payne Design Group Architects is recognized for producing thorough, detailed, and well coordinated construction documents, and has a fair and honest approach toward Contractors, always demanding their adherence to the plans and specifications. We are committed to designing affordable, attractive, functional buildings that will help people to better enjoy their lives.

We approach each project in the same way: creating a design that connects to the past, functions in the present, and endures well into the future. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to translate your vision into reality.